Word Watch

Word Watch is a Keyword search app with a built-in related word dictionary (contains vocabulary of 150,000 words). For the latest proper noun related words that are not in the dictionary, it is able to search network services, such as Wikipedia.

Of course, AppleWatch as well, is capable of using a dictionary containing 150,000 related keywords to perform offline keyword searches.

Of course, the AppleWatch operates on a standalone basis, and does not require an iPhone.

Of course, you listen to the large quantity of searched keywords using the AppleWatch speakers.

【 Features 】
This Thesaurus dictionary has been created uniquely using OpenSource services called WordNet and MobyThesaurus, adding up to 150,000 words. The latest proper nouns may not be included, but highly versatile nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are included evenly.
Unlike the regular Thesaurus dictionary, the definitions are excluded. Only synonyms and related words are included, and are linked to each other. Using the link of 150,000 words, You can browse the dictionary by just tapping the word link